Summer of ’24

A Retreat to kick off the Summer of ’24 at Westwood First’s campus is in the works, planned for June 21-22 (Friday night, Saturday morning, and Saturday afternoon). Attendees can plan to come to all or part of it. The theme of the weekend will by “The Story of God, the Story of Us” and will be led by Sean Gladding who’s an author/speaker/facilitator. Sean is the spiritual formation director at First Presbyterian of Danville, KY. Sean was born in Norwich, UK, but has lived in the states for 30+ years now. More information about Sean and his body of work can be found at

The suggested cost is $20-$25 per person for the entire event or $7-$10 per session. Keep checking back for more details as they develop. To Register, scan the QR code or email Session 1 is Friday from 7-8:30pm.  Session 2 is Saturday from 10-11:30am. Session 3 is Saturday from 1-2:30pm.