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September 5, 2021—Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

“We’ve Got Work To Do” Christians have good reason to celebrate Labor Day, and in light of our understanding of vocation it can be an occasion to thank God for…

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August 29, 2021—Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

“A Time For Perspective” Solomon—the Teacher (and presumed by some to be author of Ecclesiastes)—for all his wisdom did not have all the answers. Nor do we. We’re far too…

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August 22, 2021—Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time, Senior Sunday

“Even To Our Old Age…” The enemy wants you to believe that you’re rejected and useless. But God speaks a better word over your life:  “Even to your old age…

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August 15, 2021—Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

“Strange Blessings” We live in a world of swords. Some in our wallets. Some in our hearts. And some in the words that come from our mouths. The divisions among…

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August 8, 2021—Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

“Livin’ the Dream” While it’s not easy being a dreamer in this world with all its harsh realities, this is the dream to which we must become committed. It is,…

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