Westwood First Presbyterian Church demonstrates the transforming love of God in our community and around the world through local ministries, as well as support for community groups and national and international missions.

We are long-time supporters of our brothers and sisters from Third Presbyterian Church in East Westwood and we have partnered with several churches in Westwood in supporting My Neighbors’ Place, which is dedicated to serving our neighbors here in pour community. We have also been the chartering organization for Scout Troop 107, supporting and helping fund the troop in their work in molding character in young men (and now, young women!). Though interrupted by COVID, Westwood First has volunteered for decades, helping support the Flying Pig Marathon.

In the last few years, Westwood First has been on mission trips to the Bdecan Presbyterian Church, in Spirit Lake North Dakota, the only Presbyterian church on a Native American reservation and to Memphis, TN, where we helped, among others, organizations that serve local children waiting for adoption and women struggling with addiction. On that trip we also visited the National Civil Rights Museum, which was a powerful reminder of where we have been as a nation and how far we still have to go.

In 2018, we began an amazing partnership with City Gospel Mission, providing a home for their annual Thanksgiving Exchange and Christmas Stores, serving hundreds of families all over Cincinnati. Early in 2020, we began a project to help supply sandwiches to Our Daily Bread, a local soup kitchen and homeless shelter. At last count, we have made an over 11,000 sandwiches, which, when stacked one upon another, would be higher than the Empire State Building!

The Mission Committee is always looking for opportunities to involve members and friends in meaningful mission and ministry. We invite you to become a part of God’s work at Westwood First.

For information about any of these ministries and missions, or to find out how to get involved, contact the church office and you will be put in touch with a member of our Mission Committee.

Third Thursday Dinners

Prior to COVID-19, our Third Thursday dinners (named for the day and week when they are held) were evenings when we opened our doors to our neighbors and held a community meal. We will resume the dinners as soon as it is safe to do so!


Each October our members participate in this special walk to alleviate hunger. Contributions are distributed between national and local concerns. This is also done on Souper Bowl Sunday when our change is tossed into soup pots!